Dirty John on Netflix : what is this series ?

Netflix is putting online in this day of Valentine’s day the first season of Dirty John, US series with Connie Britton and Eric Bana in which the platform has acquired. A mix between a “true crime” and a soap opera to watch alone(e) or both. What is the pitch ? Do you actually know the person you love ? Conquered by John, Debra eventually did marry. Their happiness is real ? The charming doctor, and would play-it’s not a double game ? Terra and Veronica, worried for their mother, will seek to unmask the stranger meddled in their family. Originally, a podcast In November last year, the american channel Bravo aired its new production, a series based on the podcast of a journalist from the Los Angeles Times, Christopher Goffard, who returns to the criminal histories and sordid. The first season of Dirty John is interested in a story that has interested America as a whole by 2017 when Debra Newell discovers that the man she has married is in reality a dangerous criminal : 40 million people will be the case. The latter wished to testify so that other women do not fall into the same trap, but she did not doubt for a single second that her story was going to power a series. Christopher Goffard is one of the many scriptwriters. Imagined as an anthology (a new plot every season), Dirty John has this something mysterious and fascinating which will appeal to both fans of criminal histories and soap opera. Netflix-Side distribution, it is the actress Connie Britton (Nashville) who lends her traits to the heroine, in the face of a Eric Bana is perfect in the role of the psychopath (which is a benefit he has already served in Chopper a few years ago) to the double face. Evolves around this duo, with a gallery of actors, mostly from television : Julia Garner (The Americans), Juno Temple, Jeff Perry (Scandal)… It is Netflix that has made the acquisition of Dirty John and the launching this February 14th, to coincide with Valentine’s day. Season 1 consists of 8 episodes of 50 minutes.