Supernatural : we know how Jeffrey Dean Morgan will come back [SPOILERS]

The actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan will return to its character of John Winchester in the 300th episode of “Supernatural”. And we know, how will this come-back ! Attention, spoilers ! The CW Television Network SPOILERS – Warning, the article below reveals spoilers. If you do not want to know about the content, please do not read this… there is a little over a month, we learned that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be his character of John Winchester on the occasion of the 300th episode of the fantasy series Supernatural, which will be released in February. Today, the site TVLine reveals the below this come-back event. Supernatural : Zachariah back for the 300th episode of the series ! How the character of John Winchester will he be able to return when he is supposed to no longer be of this world ? “Our guys are put in a position where they can see one of their wishes granted,” said showrunner Andrew Dabb at the microphone of Entertainment Weekly . “They expect something else but the return of John is something that is desired by Dean. The urge to loop a loop is really what makes return to John in their lives.” Jeffrey Morgan, the Negan of The Walking Dead , has appeared in 12 episodes of Supernatural between 2005 and 2008. He was the father of Sam (Jared Padalecki ) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles ). Its come-back in the long awaited episode 300 of the show, called Lebanon, is scheduled for February 7 at the antenna of the CW, and then the next day in France on Club Series. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Denny on Negan : its 5 key roles on the tv to See the slide show slide show Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Denny on Negan : its 5 key roles in the tele 5 photos

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