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Trailer for My Baby : Sandrine Kiberlain in mom’s fusion for Lisa Azuelos

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The Walking Dead season 9 : what are the Whisperers Alpha and Beta in the comics ? [SPOILER]

Supernatural season 14 : atmosphere ripe for the teaser of episode 16

Check out the teaser of the next episode of the series “Supernatural”, an episode which will see Sam and Dean face a monster which they had never heard of them until then. Find out in our player above the teaser of the next episode of the fantasy series Supernatural. An episode which will see Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to face a monster they had never heard of them until then… episode 16 of season 14 of the show, titled Don’t Go in the Woods, will be released on march 21 on the CW, and then in the US+24 on Sérieclub. Supernatural Episode 300 : the reunion of the family Winchester in photos ! See the slideshow Slideshow Supernatural Episode 300 : the reunion of the family Winchester in photos ! 7 photos

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False Joint : the blunders and errors of Unbreakable & Split
Indochine – Kimono in the ambulance : Nicola Sirkis talks about his short film musical

Grey’s Anatomy : did you know that the character Alex Karev was not in the driver ?

Today, Alex Karev is one of the pillars of “Grey’s Anatomy” and one of the few characters to have remained in the series during 15 seasons. However, it could be quite different, since it should not even exist. ABC Television After 15 seasons, only four of the heroes of the very first episode of Grey’s Anatomy : Meredith Grey, Miranda Bailey, Richard Webber and Alex Karev. With Meredith, who gave his name to the series, Alex is one of the pillars of the show created by Shonda Rhimes it has been almost fourteen years. If, in the early episodes and even the first seasons, Alex was a rather unfriendly – seductive, manipulative, and arrogant – he has tremendously evolved over time and trials and has matured much, to finally become one of the most beloved characters of the spectators. Grey’s Anatomy : these actors have auditioned for another role, do you know which one ? [QUIZ] Yet, you didn’t know perhaps, but the character of Alex was not in the original script of the pilot. Initially, the fine team of new internal should be set up in Meredith, Christina, George and Izzie. It is only after the fact that Karev was added to the driver, in order to give both a rival and a fellow male to George. Justin Chambers did not, therefore, in the pilot, and the scenes in which it is present have either been returned, or altered digitally. Today, Alex is more than part of the furniture and seems essential to the series and one wonders what it would have looked a lot like Grey’s Anatomy without him. Find the trailer of the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which will be aired tonight in the US on ABC : Grey's Anatomy – season 15 – episode 12 Teaser VO

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Resident Evil 2 : the horror has a new look

Available from the 25th of January on consoles and PC, “Resident Evil 2” enables the classic Capcom to offer a second youth… and to remind us of what it is to tremble with the joystick in hand. Welcome back to hell ! Capcom Company In 1998, while France was about to become champion of the football world, Europe discovered the second part of the saga Resident Evil, more dense, bloody, and scary as the original. In 2019, while the Blues come to gain a new world title, this classic is getting a makeover for its arrival on PC, Xbox One and PS4, and it is little to say that the facelift is a success. It is even better to speak of facade cleaning for the baby from Capcom, that one has the feeling to rediscover. Exit on the 25th of January, this new version is not a simple remastering close to that carried out for the first game on Game Cube. No, we are talking about more reinvention here, as the whole, seems to have been redesigned from the inside out, even if the core remains the same : for his baptism of fire in the police of Raccoon City, Leon S. Kennedy discovers a devastated city and populated of zombies, and a police station that hides many secrets and monstrous creatures that will also bump into Claire Redfield, sister of Chris, a member of the S. T. A. R. S. that she no longer has the slightest new. Two characters for so many stories complementary, one with access to areas closed to the other, and interactions with the protagonists different. In a good twenty hours (both campaigns), Capcom manages to tell differently a story that some of you already know and will come as a surprise that too little of the biggest fans, who already know what is going on in the scene and will thus be able to stay on their hunger on this plan. Or in noting that the famous Licker, a creature flayed alive and brain-apparent, no longer has a right to his memorable cinematic introduction and arrives as a simple zombie. In much more dangerous and devious. In the same way, the giant alligator sewer is the part and how to get rid of it varies very little, except that there is more guidance at the end of the 90’s. It is more in the form of Resident Evil 2 brand points : the fixed angles and vicious, have left room for a camera handy and deep in the body of the hero, in force in the saga since the excellent episode 4, and which is coupled to the game engine of 7. And the lighting also. As lovers of dark corners where it is difficult to determine the source of a sound disturbing may pass a dirty quarter of an hour. In less murky than the last installment date, to the accents of the texas chainsaw Massacre, and maybe not as creepy as when he was there to visit the attic in one of the sequences of the most frightening aspects of the franchise, but enough to offer a few cold sweats when you find out, by moving the camera (and thus the flashlight of your hero), the author of the rattle is to your side, and on the point of biting you. Dirtily. Capcom Company You don’t like the zombies ? You’ll regret it after your meeting with Mr. X We recommend that you not leave objects of care in the famous trunks, they also return with a typewriter to save (but not need a ink ribbon, except in hardcore mode) because an injury has quickly made it happen. As soon as you get caught by one of the monsters, and if you don’t have a secondary weapon (knife, grenade…) that can repel your assailant. And to the extent that the level of difficulty and the resistance of the creatures have been improved in the same way as the graphics, you’re not going to take a long time to understand where lies the aspect of “survival” in this survival horror. With four or five bullets (the minimum !) needed to kill a zombie (which will not fail to meet sooner or later for the second layer, at least to blow up his head), the ammunition come quickly to miss, and it takes more than once to demonstrate dexterity to dodge in corridors as narrow. And what of Mr. X ? Stronger, more dangerous, and more badass, he also hands over the cover and not missing the few opportunities he has to raise the tension, with its not heavy and the music a bit stressful that accompanied his unexpected arrival. And, this time, move from room to room do you and disposed of immediately, so get ready to cross all the office aware if you are dry or too just on the side of the arms. But somewhere it is a good thing, and the confirmation that Resident Evil revived for good with its roots (that is to say prior to the action taken on the horror), the anguish, and the puzzles that stood in our path. To the extent that, even in a field known, the connoisseurs will have the feeling to rediscover this classic, while newcomers will get an overview modernized for fear that they had been able to feel at the time. Capcom Company, This new creature will complete to make your visit memorable, Beautiful, taking, frozen, Resident Evil 2 requires a small time in hand but it doesn’t take long to master the basics, each unfortunate encounters is loading then refine a little more your learning, with injuries and surges of stress. More than a revolution, we shall speak here of reinvention, because it is the same as the one we had known, but with some differences. The facelift is not less than fully successful, and one gets quickly to dream that Capcom offers a new second youth in the first Resident Evil, or attack at the 3, which could well happen if the fans are asking for it. So don’t hesitate to make yourself heard, and start to imagine what the treatment applied here could do with the Nemesis, which is already well scary at the time. You have to admit that you tremble, fear and/or excitement. Note that, as in the original, two campaigns in parallel are available : “The 4th Survivor”, which puts in scene a member of the special forces of Umbrella called a HUNK ; and “The Tofu Survivor”, which you embody… a slice of tofu.

Far Cry New Dawn : Xavier Gens sign the Trailer live the game to Ubisoft
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Jason Bateman was 50 years ago : did you know that he had started in… The Little house on the prairie ?
The song "I dance the mia" IAM going to become a movie with Rayane Bensetti and Jul